Annual maintenance contracts ( AMC)

For the beginning of financial year 2010 IHC has started a new program for private collections and museums. It covers the museums run under state governments as well as private collections.

Several organizations as well as private collectors do not have the facility and expertise needed to catalogue/record, preserve and manage their art and heritage objects collections as they lack well trained permanent conservation units. This program has been specifically developed to help catalogue and scientifically preserve small/medium/ large art collections and heritage object collections in a scientific and systematic manner, using correct conservation methods designed to ensure the longevity of the collection.

The program is termed under an “Annual Maintenance Contract.” It involves undertaking various activities depending on the museum/private collection. It is an annual consultancy program whereby the organization provides you with expert consultants to periodically conduct collection surveys and prepare condition reports, if required by the client. On-site treatments are also proposed and carried out, whenever needed. The same professional approach is adopted to ensure that the treatments used follows a consistently high standard for every object, whether privately owned or from a museum.

Services offered under the Annual Maintenance Contract.

  • Checking all objects’ condition to ensure they are in good health.
  • Segregating objects and categorizing them for priority if any work need restoration/conservation treatment.
  • Training of staff (up to 2 staff members) for handling, storage and giving preventive conservation training for artworks in collection.
  • Sifting through storage to check any technical problems.
  • fumigation if required
  • Preventive conservation if required.
  • Putting the newly acquired art under appropriate categories, whatever is added to the collection.
  • Technical recommendations for storage and display of an artwork.
  • First aid treatment for any object required immediate restoration treatment.

IHC offers the services in the form of a package. Clients can choose from twice or thrice a year plan. After evaluating at the collection we can mutually arrive the time it will take to complete entire process. We can also customize services according to the personal needs of the museum or collection as a whole.

Setting Up of conservation laboratories and units:

IHC undertakes turn-key projects to set up conservation laboratories, units and emergency evacuation units for art and heritage collections.

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