Restoration of museum collections

The Museum of Everyday Art has 2000 objects of both organic and inorganic in nature.

The museum is divided into sections like child section, writing section, icon section etc. My duties involve me working on documentation, examination, storage and restoration of the museum objects as well as on the personal collections of the President of Sanskriti Pratisthan.

This illustrated manuscript is a part of a bound book displayed in writing section of the museum. The illustration is painted with pigments dissolved in gum arabic. Due to moisture the alternative page was stuck on it. A special humidity chamber was made to reverse the stuck paper. Later the manuscript was cleaned and mended. Finally put under pressure for straightening. (*ref gallery )

Similarly a paper mache box was also restored from child section. The cleaning was done with toluene to remove previous restoration. The consolidation was done by injecting Paraliod B-72. Filling followed by retouching was done. Finally a coat of 2% Paraliod B-72 was given. (*ref gallery )

The damaged metal object was firstly cleaned to remove old darkened protective coating. Later filling of epoxy resin was done to fill the cavity. The appropriate pigment was mixed in the resin to match the desired colour of the metal object. (*ref gallery )


Gallery: Restoration of museum collections

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