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At IHC we understand your need to protect precious works of art and optimise storage space to ensure that your collection continues to grow and live on.

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"International Heritage Conservation" is one of the leading organization working towards preservation of art in a non interfering manner. We have an expert team of well trained restorers to take up restoration and conservation task of art and heritage objects. At IHC, we design art storage, make preservation plans, integrate pest management and recovery from internal and external threats to art collection and launch suitable software to cater to your database excess."

Press & Media

Radio Noida 107.4 - Women Achievers with Priya Kapoor

Restorer & Fine art Conservator "Priya Kapoor" in conversation with RJ Sushil Bharti of Radio Noida; where she speaks about the importance of 'Preventive Conservation' and how it is more significant than 'Restoration' per se. She also speaks about her other expertise, viz. 'Paper Conservation' .


Press Coverage on completion of Restoration work done in Rashtrapati Bhavan



Conservation of the Poster Paintings

for All India Centre for Urban and Rural Development, New Delhi.

June 2001

August 2002

Worked on restoration of ‘Chola Bronzes’ in Government Museum,

Pondicherry, a Project by National museum Conservation Laboratory, National museum, Delhi.

Worked as Restorer in Sanskriti Museum of Everyday Art,

instituted by Sanskriti Pratisthan, New Delhi. Independently set up the conservation laboratory for the restoration of the art objects in the collection of Sanskriti Museum of Everyday Art. Storage and preventive conservation of collection of Museum of Indian Textiles at Sanskriti Pratisthan.

April 2003

May 2003

Restoration of Qajar Paintings in Ashoka Hall, Rashtrapati Bhawan,

New Delhi. Dismantling of the 9 panels from 60 feet high ceiling, largest panel being 12X18 feet followed by restoration.

Various Conservation & Restoration Projects

Conservation consultancy for setting up Museum of Indian Textiles in the premises of Sanskriti Kendra instituted by Sanskriti Foundation, New Delhi

My work has involved activities pertaining to the restoration of different types of art objects in the Museum of Everyday Art and Museum of Indian Terracotta Instituted by Sanskriti Foundation. The collection included textiles, bronzes, metallic objects, paper and oil paintings. My work also involved documentation - written, graphic and photographic.

I had been single handedly working on the personal collections of oil paintings and paper paintings of the President of Sanskriti Pratisthan and finally coordinated to have auction of these art works with Osian’s, an auction house to raise the corpus of the NGO.

Organizing workshop on preventive and curative conservation in association with Sanskriti Pratisthan and National Museum Institute, New Delhi, has also been part of my work profile.

Successfully initiated and coordinated all the activities pertaining to the setting up of the conservation laboratory for Tribal Art and Textile Museum Society, Dimapur, Nagaland.

Consultant for designing preservation plans for archival collections of cinema posters and signages for Rickshaw Recycle Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi.

April 2004 - April 2006

October 2006

Restoration of Oil Paintings in Ashoka Hall, Rashtrapati Bhawan

Worked as Technical Coordinator for restoration of Oil Paintings in Ashoka Hall, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi. Dismantling of the 24 panels from 60 feet high walls, followed by restoration.

Restoration of Nandlal Bose Collection at National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi

Restoration of Nandlal Bose Collection at National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi for a traveling exhibition “ Rhythms of India-Nandlal Bose to San Diego Museum, US

October 2007

January 2010

Various Conservation Projects

Conservation of various artifacts at “ Rajputana Rifles Museum”, Delhi

Restoration and Consultancy Projects

Restoration of organic objects for AL Sabah Collection, Kuwai- 2010

Restoration of Paintings, Textiles and Organic objects for Austrian Embassy, New Delhi- 2011

Three months consultancy for TATA Dorabji Trust, TATA Resurgence Project, Mumbai

Conservation Consultant “Sanskriti Museums” Sanskriti Pratisthan, New Delhi.- 2015-17

Consultant “ Haveli Research Centre for Textiles”, New Delhi- 2010-11

Conservation Consultant, “Tribal Art and Textile Museum Society”, Dimapur, Nagaland- 2008-9

Conservation Consultant, “Rajputana Rifle Museum”, Delhi Cantt, Delhi- 2009-10

2010 - 2011

2012- 2014

Projects on Preventive Conservation and Storage Design

Developing Storage and Preventive Conservation Plan for Archival and Art Collection of Dharampal Satyapal LMT, Noida. International Heritage Conservation in which the entire restoration of archival collection is undertaken by our team .The storage design and preservation concept is developed to cater needs of collection undertakes the project, the documentation and software has been designed. The manuals and disaster recovery plan is also part of the project.- 2014-15

Storage and preventive conservation of art project for Lekha & Anupam Poddar at Devi Art Foundation, Sirpur house, Gurgaon, India- 2014

Preservation and storage plan for Photo archive of David Belly, British photographer for Anglian Holdings, UAE, based in India

Collection management, storage and preservation of art project at Apeejay Surrender Group Pvt Ltd, Delhi- 2012-14

Preventive Conservation and Storage Design projects:

Preventive Conservation & Storage Plan for “ Priya Paul Archive”. The collection of 10650 objects ranging most of popular art collection, cinema stills and poster, films memorandum, photographs, negatives, commercial and mill labels, textiles and other organic materials. The customization of storage cabinets, drawers, choosing right archival storage materials, customizing archival storage plan for oversized works along with labeling and tracking location of each work. Preventive conservation and disaster recovery plan is also part of the project.- 2015-16

Consultancy for Film Heritage Foundation, Mumbai for their Non Filmic archive. Storage design and fabrication supervision, preventive conservation plan, labeling of material categories for 18000 works. Consultancy on documentation and development of inventory software is also part of the project along with disaster recovery and salvaging in case of emergency.-2015-ongoing

2014- 2016

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